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IP geolocation database
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Database Country and Timezone Region/State/Province City and Postal code Latitude / Longitude and more… IP addresses

By continuously tracking what's going on on the Internet, we provide the most precise and relevant IP data available. Get to know your visitors before they even register and give them tailored experience. Apply any necessary restrictions for your sensitive content or enhance your ad targeting.

9,512,854 IP blocks and locations
99.05% IP addresses in use covered
250 Countries

The data we provide is


Our location data collection enfolds IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces with more than 340K unique locations in 120K+ towns and cities around the globe that account for 99.05% of all IP addresses used.

Precise and relevant

We accumulate data from numerous sources and by legal agreements with a number of large ISPs. Hundreds of thousands of records are put in or updated every week to give you more relevant information than you can possibly imagine.

Consolidated and coherent

We do our best to widen the scope of our database and boost its accuracy, so as to offer data as structured as possible. Consequently, our Geo IP database is easy to integrate into your platform. The database is available in the formats of CSV and JSON.

Our Geo IP database allows you to identify your visitors’ physical location, narrowing it down to the latitude & longitude, time zone, country, region, city, or ZIP code.

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Practical usage

Assess your marketing

Geo-targeting is becoming a key tool in online marketing that makes it easy for advertisers to target customers depending on the country, region, or even city. Get insights into your essential market demographics, discover what opportunities and emerging trends are hiding out there. Find out if someone is using an anonymizer to disguise their real identity, bring down the marketing campaign expenses and boost its efficiency.

Protect your customers and your brand name

Fortify your infrastructure against cyberattacks, assess risky situations and consider the originating country, proxy or Tor usage in your scoring. Block visitors trying to access your website anonymously or implement other means to collect more data before you finally take action. Compare your visitors' location with the available customer data to prevent online fraud and possible identity theft.

SIEM data enrichment

Enrich indicators of compromise (IoCs) within Threat Intelligence Platform, SIEMs with IP geolocation data.

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